• I wish that Ezra International School be blessed in the great plan of God. As Mother Teressa has done a great things for the India, I trust that Mrs. Eunice Kim, sent from Korea, could also accomplish the greater things for the land of India with the blessings of Him.
    Oh, you are the daughter of Republic of Korea;
    Be the star of the land of India,
    Be the shining light of the land of India,
    Be the shining light of the land of India,
    Be the peace of the land of India,
    Implant new vision for the land of India so as to fulfill new history.
    Oh, you are the ambassador of lover.
    Lee, Ok Ran
    Republic of Korea

  • It is a matter of great privilege and honour for me to visit the school St.Ezra International School being run very professionally under the able guidance of its Principal Mrs. Eunice Kim. I am very happy that people living in surrounding areas of SAS Nagar Distt.will be benefitted with a quality education which would make our children better citizens keeping in view the pace with which our economy in growing .I wish this School a great success.
    Jabir Singh Brar I.A.S
    Divisional Commissioner, Patiala

  • I am very much impressed with the functioning of the School.
    Charanjit Singh Channi

  • Wonderful and colourful programme.A great honour to be here on Founder's Day.
    Dr. Benjammimvoo

  • We remember a great man and we look forward to a great future for this school.
    Alexander Macleoc
    New Delhi

  • It is a wonderful School because God with E.I.S
    Song Gowang