School Circulars

Dear Parents,

Greetings in this new session! Please note and execute the following points.

  1. Every Saturday will be holiday for kindergarten wing (Pre-Nur, Nur, KG)
  2. Please send your ward in proper school uniform daily (compulsory). Please read page no.22 of the school diary.
  3. Please write name of student outside every book and note book. Please cover all the books and note                 Books.
  4. Please send complete book/note book set along with complete stationary items to school.
  5. Please fill pages 1 to 6 of the school diary and sign. Affix the child’s photo in the school diary. It will be checked on Monday. (compulsory)
  6. For Pre-Nur students, please write the name of child outside the lunch box and water bottle with permanent marker.




 CIR/EIS/01/2019-20                       DATE:-04.04.2019

Dear Parents,

  1. Syllabus (I+II term), GK syllabus (I- term), English Oral topics (I- term) are given today. Please keep at home.
  2. Every Saturday will be holiday for Pre- Nur, Nur, and K.G. class.
  3. Doctors stamp & sign is optional on pg. 6 of school dairy. If parent is signing in that place in place of doctor, then kindly write “In consultation with doctor” and then sign.



 CIR/EIS/02/2019-20                           DATE:- 18.04.2019

Dear Parents,                                                                                    

  1. The photographer will make a photo of your ward on 22nd April 2019 (Monday), for the purpose of making Identity card.
  2. So, please send your ward with proper clean summer uniform.
  3. Students absent on 22 April 2019, will have to bring their own passport size photo in school uniform for making of identity card.                    



CIR/EIS/05/2019                        DATE: 04/07/2019

                                                                                            CIRCULAR FOR CLASS IX & X


Dear Parents,

This is to bring to your kind notice that CBSE has introduced Health and Physical Education (HPE) in 2018 for the Senior School Curriculum. It has Four Strand areas for which the students will have to maintain a portfolio with evidence of participation and achievements. The strand areas of the programme along with the allocated marks are given in detail:-

Strand 1


50 marks

Strand 2

Health & Fitness

25 marks

Strand 3


Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action

25 marks

Strand 4

Health and Activity card

No marks


Each student will have to do a project/activity being _______________________________________________________

as a part of the SEWA Program. The students need to maintain a portfolio with the evidence of participation and achievement in each of the above. Please note that the grades obtained by a student in the above mentioned areas will be reflected in their CBSE mark sheet. It is imperative for the students to take FIRST AID/Health Club Seriously. This has to be done by the students on their own.

Ref. – Circular Nos. Acad-10/2018, dated 21/03/2018, Acad-11/2018 dated 25/04/2018 and Acad – 21/2018 dated 25/07/2018. We would like you to encourage your ward to take the activity seriously.


 CIR/EIS/06/2019                        DATE: 20/07/2019

Dear Parents,

  1. Your child ____________________ of Class __________ has shown willingness to participate in Independence Day Parade on 15th Aug. 2019 at Anaj Mandi, Kharar.
  2. The school will arrange transport free of cost to take all the students participating to different venues as per the following schedule. However on 15th Aug.’19, Parents need to drop the students   to the school and later pick them up.











27th July2019

31st July 2019

7th Aug.2019

13th Aug.2019

15th Aug.2019




Final Rehearsal

Independence Day Parade

Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Kharar

Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Kharar

Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Kharar

Anaj Mandi, Kharar

Anaj Mandi, Kharar

During School Hours

During School Hours

During School Hours

During School Hours

Parents need to drop & pick from school



CIR/EIS/07/2019                                                                                                          DATE:  25/08/2019

 Dear Parents,

From this Academic Session (2019-20), C.B.S.E. has introduced two levels of Mathematics Examination in Board Exam for class X.

Sr. No.




Mathematics – Basic

For easier level Exam


Mathematics –

For the existing level of exam

  Student may choose any one level of exam for mathematics.



Those students who want to opt mathematics in higher classes, they must opt Mathematics- Standard.

Those student who do not want to study mathematics in higher classes, they can opt for Mathematics - Basic.


A Student who qualifies the Mathematics - Basic, Shall be given an option to appear in  Mathematics - Standard at the time of Compartment exams as per norms of the Board, in case he/she changes his/her mind to pursue Mathematics at senior level.

The syllabus for both levels will be same.