Principal's Message


     From Principal's Desk

     I am humbled and honored to be the Principal of St. Ezra International Sr. Sec. School. The kindness and the support from the parents, students and the staff I have met, has been overwhelming: this is truly a community committed to the success.

     In each of us here is a marvelous creative potential that needs to be discovered and used for a happier and more productive life. If you have the right attitude, no matter how difficult or tedious the task, how ever big the hurdles on your way may be, you shall surpass them.

     Milton was blind, Napoleon was afflicted with skin diseases, Julius Caesar suffered from epilepsy, and Beethoven and Byron were dear! Yet all of them succeeded in their lives. Thomas Alva Edison – the inventor of electric bulb, failed nine hundred times in his experiments before succeeding in his invention of the electric bulb.

     The first century poet Virgil said," They are able because they think they are able"

   I think this is the basic philosophy of education. We, the Ezarians, believe in demonstrating care and commitment to academic excellence in a secure and safe environment. Our consideration is always the interest of the students and continuous school improvement. Education needs to be tailored to individual student, and I think every member of the staff should work together to help the students achieve self discipline, self control and respect for everyone’s rights.

    Education is a continuous and fascinating process. By working together let us produce a learning and environment that is exciting, innovative and creative for the students, equipping them to face the challenges of present world.

    St. Ezra International Sr. Sec. School is a school with proven success. Together we will continue to build upon school culture and advocate for the diversity and unique talent and gifts of each student.

     Through our efforts, commitment, creativity and energy we will make each year the best year of the child’s life.


Mr. Jobin Jose