Literary Activities

In order to ensure all round development of the personality of the students, the school lays stress on co-curricular activates. There is a wide range of Co-curricular activities such as music (western and classic), Tae Kwon Do, Art & Craft, Dancing, Sports (Hand Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis), Computer and Cooking, to name a few.

Every child who studies in the school is encouraged to pursue his/her interests and participate in these activities. Exceptional and talented students are encouraged and rewarded to explore their hidden talent. National days and various festivals are celebrated from time to time to promote the feeling of national integration and patriotism.

Literary Activities 
Various inter-house competitions like debates, declamations, quiz contest, essay writing competitions are conducted from time to time. The aim is to train the students in the art of public speaking, orderly argumentations, and develop dramatic talents.

Hobby Classes 
The school is providing hobby classes in Tae Kwon Do (Martial Arts), Clay Modeling, Music and Dance so that the best potential in the child can be brought out.