Fit India Movement


       1.         A Seminar was conducted for students and staff on Fitness and Nutrition. A Guest lecture was conducted for staff.


       2.         Day II - Mass Pt was held in the morning assembly for students to keep them fit and warm. A speech was  delivered by the student on keeping their bodies fit and healthy.


       3.         Day III - Students were introduces about the Khelo India App in the computer lab, They were told about the importance of fitness in their life. Poster Making Competition was conducted in different classes on the theme of " Fit Body - Fit Mind - Fit Environment".


        4.         Day IV - Different fitness activities were conducted under the fitness theme like ; rope - skipping, Dance an gardening etc.


           5.         Day V - Sports Quiz was conducted for students to make them more aware about the Fit India and Importance of being healthy and fit.


        6.         Day VI - A sports meet was conducted/organized for staff and students them to be fit and healthy. To celebrate the unity in Diversity, teachers were asked to share their state cultural experiences.