Ezarian Ideology

The motto of the school is 'TRUTH, WITNESS, SERVICE'

We, the Ezarians, see ourselves as

  • Hardworking, setting high standards
  • Academically confident
  • Persistent in our efforts to reach our personal goals
  • Socially co-operative
  • Able to accept and meet personal responsibilities

We take pride in these conditions :

  • Never hurt anyone’s feelings, property or any related things in any manner
  • Never make fun of the old, poor, underprivileged and the handicapped
  • Always to respect the religious beliefs of others
  • Accept victory as well as defeat sportingly
  • To value courage and endurance, to play fairly and courteously
  • To be careful of personal cleanliness and to avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior
  • To offer help to any unattended visitor whom we may meet in the school premises
  • To greet any teacher or visitor who enters or passes through the class room in which we are seated
  • To realize that hard, persevering, systematic personal efforts are some of the main ingredients to real success, especially in studies