English Classes

In order to develop all four aspects of teaching and learning i.e. Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening, emphasis is given on practical based learning in order to impart requisite skills to the students so that they can survive in this competitive world, and apply their knowledge for good.

Considering all this, many programs, workshops and seminars are organized time to time to update their knowledge and skills. Personality development programs are organized to boost the confidence level of the learners, so that they can equip themselves to face the challenges of this world.

Interactive sessions like debates, declamation contests and group discussions are also organized to improve spoken skills of individual as well as give a boost to their confidence. Emphasis is laid on ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening) in all classes so that children can generate skills required to survive in this competition.

Remedial Exercises in the form of recitation, pronunciation and written assignments too are encouraged.