Director's Message


     From Director's Desk

     A student is a sapling for us who blossoms with genuine efforts of teachers and parents. A student's mind is the fertile soil in which the seeds will grow, but how he will blossom, what he will be, depends on what we sow?

     So, teachers and parents should always sow the winning seeds in the minds of these pupils. Because words and actions of parents and teachers influence the student’s developing self image more than anything in the world.

     Our goal at EIS is to intelligently carve out a success strategy for our students. We continuously strive to find the ways and means to guarantee success to our students. It is the undying zeal, enlivened spirit and sparing mission that we live with, every day, every moment. Our students and their success means to us the most, and honestly speaking, this is the only thing we contemplate and work for.

     Just as tender plants require liberal dose of sunlight, water, manure and proper fencing to protect them from stray animals. The young minds need care and congenial atmosphere and support to grow. We, at St. Ezra International School strongly believe and follow the road map for the same.

     Education is a continual and creative process. It is discipline for the adventure of life. A good education enables a person worry about things in all parts of the world. Thus, learning is a lifelong process from cradle to grave. Every young mind has potential, so he/she should not be compared to any one; being an Ezarian he/she learns commitment, focus and good habits those surely make him/her to attain the goals and to be a good human being. From a waterfall EIS has become a river to continue its journey to the ocean.

     Mrs. Eunice Kim
     Managing Director
     St. Ezra International Sr. Sec. School