The institution, with the name St. Ezra, started in a small residential building in 2002. Due to the growth of number of the students, it was inevitable to construct new school buildings. The construction of school buildings commenced in the later part of 2002. The two storey building, with 10 classrooms on each floor and totaling 30 classrooms, was completed in 2004. It was built as a big, beautiful and earthquake-resistant building at a location free of noise and pollution from the surrounding. The inauguration ceremony was conducted on 6th November 2004.

     Soon after the completion of the main school building, an annex of Nursery Wing was also constructed to accommodate nursery students.

     As the number of the student grew year after year, the management requested CBSE for the affiliation of senior secondary classes which was later approved on the condition of extension of classrooms for the senior wing. The construction of the said senior wing was started on 2012 and completed in Feb 2014. The building was constructed with 4 storeys, each consisting of 5 classrooms and an annex room. The 4th floor was designed with modern facility of science laboratories for biology, physics and chemistry. Moreover, the 5th floor space was designed for the use of auditorium to accommodate more than 700 students. The inauguration ceremony was held on 5 Feb 2014.